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Do You Know Your Business Like You Know Your BFF?

Courtesy of Guest Blogger, Jeanine Villano-George, Co-Owner A&A Plumbing and Heating, LLC

Let me ask you this question…  and it might sound a little silly but …

Do you know your business like you know your BFF (Best Friend Forever)?  How well do you know your best friend?  Think about this for a moment; do you know your BFF’s favorite color, favorite drink, favorite restaurant … can you rattle that off pretty quickly?  How about if I asked you the same style of questions about your business, could you rattle off the answers with confidence and composure?  For example:  What are your quarterly gross sales?  What percentage of your business do you allow for community outreach?  How do you bring value to your customer base … What are you really good at?    

Do you know your business like a BFF?  Business relationships are like best friend relationships because they take time, work and investment to develop them and make them stronger.  When you meet a new person they are not your ‘best friend’ immediately, it takes time to foster that relationship and build trust before you can call him/her your BFF!  It takes time for you to trust each other.

Is your business your BFF?  Have you invested the time it takes to build that relationship between you and your business?  It might seem a little strange to think about your business as a relationship but believe me ladies and gentlemen the day that I realized that it is just like any other relationship and it takes time, belief and commitment to build a solid foundation was the day I realized that I am in the driver’s seat and in complete control of how my business succeeds.

Small business matters, for so many reasons, I believe we are and will continue to be the backbone of our great nation!  I believe that small business IS THE REASON we still feel we live in a nation of prosperity.  The ‘American Dream’ is still that…a dream, to many entrepreneurs like you and I who believe in Mom and Pop Shops and find value in building relationships with integrity, purpose and by using the Golden Rule as their guide!   When you know your business like your BFF and you are confident that your product or services can add value to someone else’s life you want to shout it from the rooftops, right?  There is no better contentment then realizing that you have enhanced someone’s life by offering your business and putting your reputation and name on the line.

KNOW YOUR BUSINESS LIKE YOUR BFF!  Know your strengths, opportunity areas and your worth to your community.  Shout it from the rooftops!!  This is what matters, YOUR business matters!  And I for one am forever grateful to be a part of a community of like-minded professionals who believe that relationship building is the key to small business success!




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