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Efficiency Programs Lead to $250 Million Back to Customers


Courtesy of Guest Blogger, Carol Obando-Derstine,
Regional Affairs Director, Southeast Region
PPL Corporation

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You could buy a lot of things with $250 million. You could make a big difference in your community by giving the money to charitable causes. Or, you could sock it away and let it grow for a rainy day.

We're pleased to say that our customers have an extra $250 million in their pockets every year -- to use however they choose -- as a result of efficiency programs designed to help them use energy wisely.

Since 2010, customers have installed energy-efficient lights, insulated and weatherized their properties, received in-home energy audits, recycled old refrigerators, or put in energy-efficient equipment like HVAC, refrigeration, water heaters and appliances.

These homes, businesses, schools, government agencies and more have taken advantage of programs that support Pennsylvania's Act 129, which requires electric companies to help customers reduce energy use.

By the numbers, our customers have:
* Recycled more than 86,000 appliances
* Installed 13.8 million compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs
* Received more than $192 million in cash incentives such as rebates

And, by taking those steps, residents and businesses have cut electricity use by more than 2 billion kilowatt-hours per year. In terms of emissions, that's the equivalent of taking 327,000 cars off the road.

If you're one of these customers, we want to congratulate you. You've taken smart steps to help your pocketbook and the planet. And the money you save can be put to lots of other productive uses.

If you haven't gotten on board with our energy efficiency programs yet, the good news is you've still got plenty of opportunity.

Starting in June, we'll roll out a new slate of programs that are projected to save customers another 1.6 billion kWh per year. There will be offerings for homes, businesses, lower-income customers, and other groups. Specific info will be posted at pplelectric.com/save-energy-and-money.aspx when these programs become available, and we'll take other steps to share info with the public as well.

Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned participant, we urge you to check out your chances to save. You can't beat the payback - for the environment or yourself.


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