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How Important Is a Website to a Service Business?


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If you have a service business without a physical location it’s crucial to make sure your website reflects exactly what you want your prospects to know about your brand. You don’t have a store for your prospects to walk around in to experience the atmosphere or browse through merchandise. They aren’t able to ask you questions, try on clothes or taste samples. So how do you as a service business owner offer an experience to your prospects? I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “buyers do business with who they know, like and trust” but how do they get to know you? How will they get to like you? How will they learn to trust you? In other words, how do you let them know how awesome you and your services are?

It takes creative marketing strategies, consistency, understanding buyer personas, communication techniques, letting them see the person behind the service, great customer service and a continual adherence to your brand.

One way for prospects to get to know how awesome you are is to take a lesson from retailers and treat your website as you would your store front or display windows. Think of the possibilities! What if you created an experience for your visitors on your website? If you could dream and had nothing holding you back from creating an awesome experience for your website visitors what would it look like? What visitors experience when they visit your website is one way they will get to know who you are?

Home Page Design
Let take the home page first. Putting the speed of your website aside for a moment (though that is important) what will your visitors see, feel, or experience when they load your home page? What will it say about you? Do an experiment…think of a few service businesses and visit their websites? Don’t choose a competitor because you will be biased. (That will be reserved for another challenge). Write down what you see, feel or experience when you go to their home page? For example:

What emotions do you feel when you look at the color scheme?

·  Is it flashy?

·  Is their website simple and elegant?

·  Is it fun?

·  Is it boring?

·  Is their home page informative enough?

·  Is it intriguing enough to make you want to scroll through and see more?

·  What can you gather about the business owner from looking at their website?

Organization of Site

Next, take a look at how the website is organized.

· Can you easily find what you’re looking for?

· Is it user friendly or does it seem like clicking on links takes you around in circles?

· Do the pages follow a logical progression?

· If you were looking for something specific would it be easy to find it? For example, if a website offers B2B and B2C products, is that clearly delineated?

· Is the website cluttered?

· Does it make you feel like you are walking through a maze to find what you’re looking for?

If a website isn’t offering a simple user experience, then chances are the visitors will give up and go to another site.

Call to Actions
Visitors need a little guidance to know how to reach you or how to take advantage of a special promotion. Clear, visible call to action forms or buttons will guide the visitors to your contact form. In a call to action, you need to make it clear to the visitors what they need to do next. It can be in the form of written instructions, a box or a button. For example;

Act right now! Go to our contact form and let us know you want to take advantage of this great offer today!


Take Advantage of this Special Offer
Click Here Today!

while supplies last
For more examples, search on Google for “Call to Action Images.”

There is a psychology in writing a Call to Action and it must be considered carefully from the visitor’s point of view. Remember, it’s not about you but about the visitor. You must try to envision the persona of the buyer to understand what will move them to buy.

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