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The Life of a Polyester Shirt


Courtesy of Guest Blogger, Cynthia Stribula
Founder of Operation School Wear

Hi my name is Polly.  Remember me?  I am in the back of your closet waiting for your attention. Last year, when you saw me at the mall, it was love at first sight.  We were always together in the beginning. Now I feel forgotten.

Need I remind you how I was made?  Where I came from?  OK, let's start from the beginning.

My parents are Coal, Air, Water and Petroleum.  The factory where I was born released Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide into the air.  No one was able to see down the block because of the pollution.

After my rough start in this world I was hoping we would be together forever.  Please don't send me to a landfill.  Make sure I am put to good use for a long, long time.


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